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Are achy joints, aging skin or excess body fat hindering you from enjoying your life to the full? Vim & Vigor is dedicated to helping people achieve a healthy, toned body with a strong immune system, healthy digestive system, and youthful joints, skin, hair, and nails. We love sharing our natural wellness products with you.

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Karla, the "Vim" of Vim & Vigor

What makes Collagenate different from other collagen supplements? Watch this video! Collagenate is specially formulated. We worked with one of the top collagen experts in the country to ensure that your body can absorb and utilize the collagen in Collagenate. The collagen in Collagenate has gone through a special enzymatic process and is combined with an organically grown Aloe Vera to make it the most bioavailable collagen supplement. SEE & FEEL the results in your body, joints, face, hair, skin & nails!

I now have a Waistline with Collagenate!

I'm very pleased with Vim & Vigor's Collagenate!

Are achy joints &/or excess fat preventing you from doing the activities that you enjoy and living the life that you deserve?

Vim & Vigor's Collagenate is a bioavailable liquid collagen supplement that can assist your joints, skin and metabolism to be healthier, so that you can be more active, energetic and youthful with less pain.

Just a TBS of Collagenate once a day can improve the quality of your life.

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Rick Jarrett, the "Vigor" of Vim & Vigor

Rick was a singing talent in High School. He received a scholarship to a music college in NY; however, Vietnam changed his life course. After raising and providing for his family, he returned to his first love, music. He has sung with The Platters (second generation), Disney, and for numerous functions. He has his own Jazz band and has recorded four CD's. He also enjoys entertaining seniors.

tch the video and enjoy (less than 2 minutes).