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Karla, "Vim" of Vim & Vigor. Hiking in 2022. 60 yrs old.

Karla & Rick "Vim" & "Vigor" in Washington DC for grandson's graduation. 59 yrs & 72 yrs of age.

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Vim & Vigor® has been in business for over 25 years and is committed to providing its customers with high-quality, safe, and effective nutritional supplements that have been researched and developed in order to improve the quality of your life. Vim & Vigor specializes in helping people to lose fat the safe and healthy way so that they can keep the weight off! Their most popular product, Collagenate®, is designed to promote a true, safe fat loss as well as improving the health and strength of the joints, skin, hair, and nails. Vim & Vigor has thousands of customers receiving wonderful weight loss, joint, and anti-aging benefits from Collagenate (click here to read customer comments).

Vim & Vigor® is devoted to helping you get the best results possible. Our staff is well trained to help you not only in the selection of products, but also in your obtaining results once you have them. If you have a question, please CALL us. In addition to providing the finest nutritional products available, we pride ourselves in excellent customer service.

Karla Jarrett, the "Vim" of Vim & Vigor, graduated magna cum laude in a pre-med curriculum from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She has been a fitness & nutrition professional for over 30 years and still teaches indoor cycling, muscle conditioning and group exercise classes. Karla is currently a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach and specializes in helping over-fat people in losing and keeping their excess weight off as well as helping them with proper nutrition. Her emphasis is on promoting products that are safe as well as effective. Long-term health is her primary concern and she specializes in helping individuals to maintain weight, health, vitality, and strength as they get older. Karla is passionate about making sure that our customers get the best results possible. She strives to help as many people as she can personally. If you need assistance, please call to set up appointment: (800) 622-8446

Rick Jarrett, "Vigor," is an established singer and especially loves to entertain seniors. For years he focused on Musical Theatre and Smooth Jazz. His vocal qualities have been likened to a combination of Lou Rawls, Al Jarreau and Johnny Mathis. He has four CDs: It's All Good, Kickin' It!!, Back To Romance, and Curtains Up!!!. It's All Good, was his venture into Country
music; it was recorded in Nashville and has original songs.

Please watch the short 2 minute video of Rick below. Rick's music can be heard online at:

If you would like further information on Vim & Vigor's® nutritional product line, please contact Vim & Vigor® at (800) 622-8446 or email us. We get rather busy, so if you do not hear back from us within 24 - 48 hours, please call again!

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Rick Jarrett

Rick was a singing talent in High School. He received a scholarship to a music college in NY; however, Vietnam changed his life course. After raising and providing for his family, he returned to his first love, music. He has sung with The Platters (second generation), Disney, and for numerous functions. He has his own Jazz band and has recorded four CD's. He also enjoys entertaining seniors.

Watch the video and enjoy (less than 2 minutes).