Herbal A+

Sick? Tired? Stressed?

Does your immune system need a boost?

Does your Digestive System need assistance?

Try Vim & Vigor's Herbal A+

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Vim & Vigor's Herbal A+ Aloe Vera is an Organically Grown, Genuinely Cold Processed, Whole Leaf Liquid Aloe Vera Barbadensis-Miller with a unique blend of organic herbs to provide the maximum health benefits. Herbal A+ is designed to promote optimum functioning and health of all systems of the body, especially:
♦ Immune System*
♦ Digestive & Gastrointestinal Systems*
♦ Elimination*
♦ Detoxification* (liver, skin & colon)
Can be used for such things as:
♦ Occasional Acid Indigestion or Heartburn*
♦ Upset Stomach*
♦ Healthy Elimination & Regularity*
♦ Promoting a Healthy Immune System*
and more...
What Makes Vim & Vigor's Herbal A+ Aloe Vera So Unique?
We, "Vim" and "Vigor", are proud to provide you with what we feel are the most powerful, effective and safe Aloe Vera products on the market. Here's what makes Vim & Vigor’s Herbal A+ and Herbal Aloe Gel so special…

Unique Processing

♦ Organically Grown Aloe is stabilized within the first 2 – 6 hours after being cut.

♦ No strong solvents, centrifuging or filtering used.

♦ Genuinely Cold Processed, NOT Pasteurized. The liquid from the whole leaf of the Aloe Barbadensis-Miller plant is stabilized and purified without using any heat. The aloe processing is kept below 90 F providing a biologically active Aloe Vera juice. This delivers the full range of naturally occurring nutrients, including the fragile enzymes, amino acids, and polysaccharides (betaglucomannans). (The word ‘cold processed’ is not regulated. Do not be fooled by companies who claim to have a cold processed aloe!)

♦ No Water Added or Removed. Never Concentrated, Diluted or Dried. Nature’s original design, balance, proportions and synergy are protected and delivered, providing maximum biological availability and effectiveness.

Whole Leaf of Barbadensis-Miller Plant. There are at least five times more of the key active ingredients in the leaf of the aloe than in the gel of the inner plant. Thus, using both the leaf and the gel produces a more potent aloe.

♦ Laxative properties removed. Aloin is a harsh, bitter substance found in aloe that has strong laxative properties. Vim & Vigor's Aloe has gone through a unique process to remove the aloin without compromising the potency of the aloe itself. Therefore, the aloe is effective, nontoxic and can be used daily. NO harsh laxative effect or bitter taste.

♦ Delivers the Full Range of all naturally occurring nutrients including the fragile enzymes, amino acids and polysaccharides (betaglucomannans).

♦ Unique Herbal Extraction. The organic herbs are incorporated directly into this aloe using no alcohol, harsh solvents or damaging heat. The aloe is the extracting agent!

Immune-Enhancing Herbs. Vim & Vigor's Herbal A+ Aloe Juice is 94% organically grown aloe and 6% organically grown herbs. The immune-enhancing herbs are incorporated directly into this aloe to improve the body's ability to absorb and utilize them. This provides a more potent and effective product. Benefits of this specially formulated Herbal A+ Aloe Juice is that, along with fresh aloe, it has been found to contain uniquely large and complex aloe-polysaccharides. Research has demonstrated that these aloe-polysaccharides, together with other natural nutrients including fatty acids, enzymes and plant sterols, have numerous beneficial properties…

The Benefits of this Unique Processing of Aloe. Fresh aloe and aloe processed as Vim & Vigor’s aloe have been found to contain uniquely large and complex aloe-polysaccharides. Research has demonstrated that these aloe-polysaccharides, together with other natural nutrients, including fatty acids, enzymes and plant sterols, have numerous beneficial properties.

♦ Feeds the cells and tissues of the body. Led by the large polysaccharides, our aloe, with all its nutrients intact, can survive the digestive process and be absorbed into the blood stream where it can be drawn into the cells, tissues, organs and systems of the body. These "leaders," the beta glucomannans, have been found to:

  • Increase Absorption and Penetration of Nutrients; thus increasing the effectiveness of other nutrients, supplements, medications and vaccines.
  • Promote Tissue Growth and Regeneration Inside and Out. Stimulates fibroblasts production of collagen and proteoglycans for new tissue growth. Contains and activates natural growth factors.
  • Cleanse and Detoxify. Enhances the breakdown and removal of excess waste, mucous, toxins, heavy metals and foreign buildup from cells, tissues and organs.
  • Fortify Cell Membranes, which may increase resistance to infection.
  • Improve Cellular Metabolism, enhancing energy and optimal functioning of each cell of the body.

♦ Balances and Enhances the Functioning of All the Body's Systems at the Cellular Level

  • Immune
  • Circulatory
  • Skin
  • Metabolic
  • Hormonal
  • Digestive
  • Elimination
  • Respiratory
♦ Immune System
In addition to the above properties, which help enhance the functioning of the immune system, scientific research on the beta-1, 3 and beta-1, 4 glucomannans (Acemannan) have been shown to have direct immune enhancing and modulating properties…
  • Improves and stimulates the activity of white blood cells - macrophages, killer T-cells, monocytes (interleuking, interferon, TNF).
  • Auto Immune/Immune Modulating. Can stimulate and inhibit antibody formation and can stimulate and inhibit phagocytosis (engulfing of foreign bodies).
  • Increases the number of immune cells produced
  • Increases circulation and draws immune cells to the site of injury and infection
  • Has direct and indirect anti-viral and anti-tumor actions and can disrupt viral replication and cancer cell replication
  • Attacks free oxygen radicals (antioxidant)
  • Oxygenates the blood
  • Kills viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus & yeast
  • Anti-inflammatory

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Herbal A+ is an organically grown, genuinely cold processed Aloe Barbadensis Miller leaf juice with organic herbs (including the ESSIAC Herbs).
Organically Grown Cold Processed Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Burdock Root Extract, Astragalus Root Extract, Sheep Sorrell Extract, Slippery Elm Bark Extract, Rhubarb Root Extract, Cat's Claw Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricara) Flower Extract, Hawthorn Berry Extract, Pau D'Arco Bark Extract. Potassium Sorbate (<0.005) and Sodium Benzoate (<0.001) (to preserve freshness).

Suggested Use:

Drink 1 - 4 fl. oz. as needed.
Can be mixed with any cold drink. (The cap is 1 fl. oz)

Dosage will vary and fluctuate according to your health needs. Introduce gradually and build to desired dosage.

Best to split dosages to supply continual support throughout the day and night.
Best on an Empty Stomach for maximum absorption.
NO Harsh Laxative Effect* Naturally cleansing and balancing.*
All Natural and Organically Grown Aloe; thus, color and/or taste may vary.

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Testimonies -
What Others Say About Vim & Vigor’s Herbal A+ Aloe Vera
“I am a registered nurse and have suffered from allergies and asthma for years. Even my doctor husband did not have a good solution for me. The Herbal Aloe Juice from Vim & Vigor is amazing. Since taking the juice, I am symptom free, have more energy, and am off all the medications I used previously!”** - Mary Ann S.

“I have suffered with Fibromyalgia and arthritis for over 20 years.I’ve tried all sorts of products over the years that have helped a little, but unfortunately the pain in my knees was getting worse. Surprisingly, within just a couple weeks on Collagenate I experienced noticeable pain relief! My knees are feeling better and I can move around easily now. I am 70 years old and had also completely given up on weight loss things. I have tried just about everything for weight loss over the years and nothing worked, so I was just hoping for pain relief with Collagenate. However, I also lost 7 pounds and what has really been amazing is the amount of inches I lost in my waist! That is my problem area and I am usually very uncomfortable in my jeans, but now I am down a whole pant size and they are actually loose in the waist! With Collagenate, I feel like I got double for my money! Since I got such good results with Collagenate, I decided to also try Vim & Vigor’s Herbal A+ Aloe Vera.I have really noticed an improvement in my energy since starting Herbal A+! Both Collagenate & Herbal A+ have really improved the quality of my life.

“For years I suffered from allergies and asthma, and was completely miserable. I also had a weakened immune system and would catch a cold or flu almost every month. This Herbal Aloe Juice completely turned my life around. I am now off all the medications that I used to live on and I have not been sick for 11 months! I also used the Aloe Skin Gel on a dermatitis rash that I had on my face. It disappeared and a few wrinkles did, too! I now use the gel regularly to keep the wrinkles away.”** - Debbie D.

“Due to stress, I often have bouts of eczema on my knees and elbows. It's irritating and looks terrible. I drink Vim & Vigor’s Herbal A+™ Aloe Vera and put their Herbal Aloe Gel directly on my skin. The gel is immediately soothing; and by drinking the juice internally and putting the gel on it locally it clears it up quick!” ** - Dianne M.

“I suffered for years from a condition called irritable bowel syndrome. My stomach would get bloated and distended. I would have bouts of diarrhea and then at other times constipation. It was very uncomfortable and embarrassing. Vim & Vigor’s special Herbal Aloe Juice completely turned my life around. I now have a flat stomach and do not need to live by the toilet! Thank you, Vim & Vigor!” ** -Sandra C.

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“I used to have a terrible time digesting just about anything I ate. I would experience bad stomach pains and bloating. Since starting Vim & Vigor’s Herbal A+ Aloe Vera I've seen dramatic improvements. I have more energy and am feeling much better! The aloe juice even seems to have enhanced the results that I have achieved with Vim & Vigor's weight loss program, as I have now lost an additional 12 pounds!** -Wendy W.
“I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and very low energy. I've tried several other products, even other aloe juices, and never saw results. I can't tell you how happy I am with Vim & Vigor’s Herbal Aloe Juice. I'm so happy with my new energy level and I feel great!”** -Marilyn B.

*These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The juice and the gel are natural supplements that can help to nourish and support the body.

**Testimonials are from customers and represent their personal opinions of how the products worked for them. Results may vary.