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Lost 25 lbs in my 50's! Healthier Skin even in Cold Winter Months!
"I am so happy with Collagenate®; I’ve lost 25 pounds! I’m in my 50’s and menopausal. Normally women gain weight at this time in their life, but with Collagenate I am losing!My shape is so good that people think that I am in my 30’s! My skin and nails are also healthier since taking Collagenate. I used to suffer with psoriasis, but now my skin is smooth and not dry or flaky . My nails are stronger and not breaking like they used to. My husband has lost 20 pounds since starting Collagenate.His Blood Pressure and Cholesterol are back to normal levels now, so it is saving us money on our insurance! We are both very pleased with Collagenate!" * - Jill J., Ajax, ON
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Arthritis & Fibromyalgia, but I'm Back Dancing!
"I suffered with arthritis for over 10 years and with Fibromyalgia the past 2 years. I had to take pain relievers frequently and just thought that was part of turning 60 years old. The pain relievers helped a little, but did not take the pain away. Amazingly, within 6 weeks on Collagenate®, I started feeling better and then within 8 weeks I was able to go back to my regular activities! I can now bend my fingers again; I can dance, exercise, and swim a couple miles. I am back coaching swimming and diving, and I teach dancing, all with no pain! I am off all pain relievers now and just take a TBSP of Collagenate once a day. It's amazing! As a wonderful side effect I have also lost 25 pounds since starting Collagenate! I did not have to go on a strict diet at all. I just tried to be sensible about my eating and I took Collagenate. I checked with my doctor before starting Collagenate; he assured me that Collagenate would be safe for me to take. It's not only safe, but it's wonderful! I thank God for guiding me to hear about Collagenate. I have never ordered anything from the radio before, but heard about Collagenate and thought that I should at least give it a try. I sure am glad that I did! Collagenate gave me my life back!" * - Esther O., Corfu, NY
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Lost 61 lbs on
Collagenate®; a Safe, Healthy Fat Loss; I Feel Great!
"Hey folks. This is Maryrose and I am ecstatic to say that I have now lost 61 pounds on Vim & Vigor’s Collagenate®! What’s amazing is that this is the longest, consistent, natural, healthy weight loss that I have ever had. I have struggled with my weight my whole life . I do not lose weight easily and when I have lost in the past, I always gained the weight back. But NOT this time! Collagenate promotes a true, safe fat loss, which is why I’ve been keeping the weight off . My body is toned and my skin is firm, not flabby. And best of all, Collagenate is easy to take; just a tablespoon once a day, so it fits into my busy schedule. I feel great! And as an added bonus, my joints, especially my fingers, feel so much better and my hair is healthier and looks amazing! Collagenate is a specially formulated liquid collagen supplement. You’ve probably been hearing about the numerous health benefits of collagen. It’s a big buzz word in the health industry today. However, Vim & Vigor is way ahead of the game. They work with one of the top collagen experts in the country to make sure that the collagen in Collagenate is the most absorbable. Their collagen has gone through a special enzymatic process and is combined with an organic aloe vera to make it very absorbable. The results that their customers get, both in weight loss and improvements in their joints & skin is really the proof that Collagenate works! I highly recommend that you give Collagenate a try. SEE & FEEL the difference. If you have any questions, give them a call at 1-800-622-THIN, that’s 1-800-622-8446. They have an awesome staff who take Collagenate themselves and have their friends and family taking Collagenate; so they can answer your questions and help you get the best results possible.” * - Maryrose Z., Dallas, TX; KLTY & KWRD radio
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Lost 20 pounds; Better ENERGY and Hip is Feeling MUCH Better!
“I’m doing great on Vim & Vigor’s® Collagenate®! I’ve lost 20 lbs, my hip is feeling better, and my energy level is much better! Within the first few weeks on Collagenate, I noticed that my hip was not hurting anymore! I had bursitis in my hip and I was previously getting steroid injections in my hip. Amazingly, since starting Collagenate, I have not needed those injections in my hip! In the sixth week of starting Collagenate I went to the doctor and got weighed; I had lost 13 lbs! I have now lost 20 lbs total! I’m especially noticing the weight loss in my hips, my belly, and my face.My co-workers have commented on how good I now look! My skin has a glow to it! I’m 51 years old; looking and feeling great, thanks to Collagenate®!”*- Renee E, Grand Prairie, TX

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Shoulder and Hip Feeling Better; Lost 23 more Pounds!
"Vim & Vigor’s® Collagenate® has been extremely good for both my joints and weight loss. I have worked for the Post Office for 30 years, which has required a lot of lifting and physical work. I suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and I had also injured my shoulder, so I was having difficulty at work.I was also having a lot of trouble sleeping, due to not being able to lie on my shoulder. Within weeks of starting Collagenate, I was sleeping fine on my shoulder and was back to being able to use my hands and arms at work with no pain! I had a hip replacement years ago, but was still experiencing pain where the prosthesis was in my leg. Since Collagenate, the pain is gone and I am now able to run! I am 58 years old and was looking for an alternative to medication and surgery; Collagenate has been the answer for me! I am now able to do things that I wasn’t even able to do when I was younger!

Amazingly, I have also lost 23 lbs with Collagenate! I had lost 27 lbs before Collagenate, but was at a plateau and unable to lose anymore . Happily, since starting Collagenate, I have lost an additional 23 lbs, making my total weight loss 50 lbs! I am a firm believer in Collagenate and my friends and family are now taking it also!”* - Susan S, Como, TX

Tried Everything, but Nothing worked until Collagenate® & CitriCare®!
“My pants are falling off… Collagenate WORKS!! I have lost over 20 pounds since starting Collagenate®. It is the ONLY product that has ever worked for me and I have tried just about every weight loss product out there. Fortunately, Vim & Vigor ® was there to help me! I was not getting results the first month on Collagenate, so I called and they gave me a couple good suggestions and tips for taking Collagenate correctly. Then the weight started rolling off! I tend to crave carbohydrates and sugars, so I also tried CitriCare ®. Within a couple weeks on CitriCare®, more weight started falling off! I’m now doubling my pants up at the waist; I can’t wait to start a new wardrobe! The other amazing benefit of Collagenate is how much it has helped my joints. Before Collagenate, I had problems with my knees. I sometimes had to crawl to something to prop myself up to get up and move around. I can now get up and down on my own. It’s a big improvement for me! Collagenate also helps me to get a good, restful night’s sleep! I will continue to take Collagenate; it’s easy to take, it’s the only thing that has worked for me , and I love the results!* - Eleanor C., Dallas, TX

17 yr old - Lost 80 lbs on Collagenate®; Improved Self Esteem!
"Vim & Vigor's Collagenate® has helped to change my life! At 17 years of age I was over-weight, and suffering with diabetes, asthma, and epilepsy. I had tried all sorts of weight loss products, but nothing worked for me. My mom heard about Vim & Vigor's Collagenate® on the radio and thought that I should give it a try, so she got me a three month supply. Collagenate was easy to take, just a tablespoon once a day, so it fit into my school schedule easily. Within 3 months of starting Collagenate® I had lost 40 lbs. and went down six pant sizes! I continued taking Collagenate for the year and lost 80 lbs total! Collagenate completely turned my life around. Before Collagenate® I was tired and having trouble staying awake in class. Now I have better energy throughout the day and I am alert in my classes! I can go on the rides at the amusement park that I could not fit into before. I am getting compliments from everyone at our church and it has improved my self esteem tremendously. What's really amazing is that I have kept the weight off now for over two years! I just take Collagenate occasionally now for better natural energy and side benefits. I am very thankful that my mother heard the Vim & Vigor Show on the radio and decided to purchase Collagenate® for me. It has improved my life more than words can describe." * - Leyonnick B., Brampton, ON

Lost 30 lbs; Looking & Feeling Younger!

I lost 30 lbs on Vim & Vigor’s Collagenate® in less than two months and what’s really amazing is all of the other benefits.My hair, which has never looked healthy, is now healthier and growing!My nails were so soft that I could bend them, but now they are strong and growing!My skin is glowing, my knees are not hurting, and my energy level is fantastic!I had previously been using knee braces, but now my knees are feeling so good that I don’t need them!I used to crave a lot of sugar and bread, but with Collagenate® that went away.I went from a size 18 down to a size 12, and the 12 is baggy.I feel wonderful.Everyone wants to know what I’m doing and of course I’m so excited that I’m telling everyone about Collagenate®.It’s an excellent product!” * - Sammy T., Mesquite, TX

My whole family lost weight and my cholesterol improved!
"Vim & Vigor's® Collagenate® is the best product! I have lost 65 lbs and am keeping it off. My wife has lost 30 lbs and 2 dress sizes; my son and daughter have lost 50 lbs each. That's a total of a 195 lbs lost in my family (an unwanted person I might add) on Collagenate. My cholesterol was at 380 so I was put on Lipitor, but it helped very little. Since Collagenate®, I have been able to stop taking Lipitor. My cholesterol is now 160; the good cholesterol has gone up and the bad cholesterol has gone down. My doctor is amazed! Fortunately for me, Collagenate® is much less expensive than the medication. My blood pressure has also gone down, my energy level is up and I have improved sleep. Thank you Vim & Vigor!"* - Randy F., Milford, MI

Don't let unwanted fat or achy joints hinder your lifestyle!

Stopped my Arthritis Medication! Catch me if You Can!
"I had been suffering with arthritis for about 4 years before I started Collagenate®. I tried a couple nutritional joint supplements including Celebrex® with no joint relief. My doctor prescribed Vioxx®, which provided some relief but it had side effects. For the last 6 years I have been taking Vim & Vigor's Collagenate® with marked improvement! I stopped taking all the other things and now Collagenate® is the only thing I take for my joints. I am 72 years old and go up a flight of stairs several times a day! Just try to catch me!"* - Connie H., Thousand Oaks, CA

Arthritis & Fibromyalgia, but I'm Back Dancing!
"I suffered with arthritis for over 10 years and with Fibromyalgia the past 2 years. I had to take pain relievers frequently and just thought that was part of turning 60 years old. The pain relievers helped a little, but did not take the pain away. Amazingly, within 6 weeks on Collagenate®, I started feeling better and then within 8 weeks I was able to go back to my regular activities! I can now bend my fingers again; I can dance, exercise, and swim a couple miles. I am back coaching swimming and diving, and I teach dancing, all with no pain! I am off all pain relievers now and just take a TBSP of Collagenate once a day. It's amazing! As a wonderful side effect I have also lost 25 pounds since starting Collagenate! I did not have to go on a strict diet at all. I just tried to be sensible about my eating and I took Collagenate. I checked with my doctor before starting Collagenate; he assured me that Collagenate would be safe for me to take. It's not only safe, but it's wonderful! I thank God for guiding me to hear about Collagenate. I have never ordered anything from the radio before, but heard about Collagenate and thought that I should at least give it a try. I sure am glad that I did! Collagenate gave me my life back!" * - Esther O., Corfu, NY

Two Back Surgeries; then Collagenate helped tremendously! Younger looking Skin!
"I had a second back surgery a year ago, which included putting pins and screws in my back. The surgery helped, but I was still experiencing pain and was limited in the activities that I could do. Now, since starting Collagenate, I’m feeling great. I can do just about anything that I want! I can work in the garden, mow the lawn, and do numerous outdoor activities, which I love to do! I’m 63 years old and hadn’t been able to do those activities for years, but now I can again! I can also now play with my 4 year old granddaughter and enjoy time with her at the playground. Since starting Collagenate, I’ve also noticed that my skin is smoother, less weathered and less wrinkled. My husband even commented on how good my face is looking. My fingernails were very brittle and hard to maintain, but now they are noticeably much better. I’ve been taking Collagenate for over six months now and am continuing to notice good improvements. It is a wonderful product and I will definitely keep taking it! I would recommend it to anyone!” * Sharyl T, Pattonville, TX

Diabetes & High Blood Pressure; Doctor said Collagenate was OK to take!
Can Now Enjoy my Grand-kids with NO Pain!

"I'm getting such great results with Vim & Vigor's Collagenate; I can't believe that I put it off for over a year before finally giving Collagenate a try! I was in a car accident years ago and had bad pain in my shoulder, which made it hard to sleep. I was told that I would probably need surgery. I also had pain in my knee from a cracked knee cap and arthritis. In less than 3 weeks on Collagenate, the pain in my shoulder is gone, I’m sleeping well through the night, I have more energy throughout the day and I have more flexibility and strength in my knee.

“I am diabetic and have high blood pressure, so I took the literature to my doctor first to make sure it was OK for me to take Collagenate. My doctor said ‘YES’! Since starting Collagenate, my blood pressure and my sugar levels are improving. I was getting the ‘shakes’ during the day if my blood sugar dropped, but since starting Collagenate, I notice that my blood sugar is not fluctuating like it used to. I have no cravings for carbohydrates, which is hard to believe. The improvement in the quality of my life is tremendous. I am 67 years old; I went to the circus with my grand-kids and for the first time I could walk down the stairs like a normal person, not one at a time. I can get up in the morning and not have any pain. It’s an amazing product! Collagenate far exceeds any product I have ever tried! The only thing that I am sorry for is that I was such a skeptic and I didn’t try it sooner!” * - Juddith R., Ferris, TX

Lost inches in my waist; hair and nails thicker and healthier!
"I'm amazed at how good I am doing on Collagenate in just two months. I did not have success with other things I tried, but Collagenate is different.I’ve lost quite a few inches, especially in my waist.I’m 79 years old and I can now get into clothes and straight skirts that I haven’t been able to get in to for quite some time .I can actually button my clothes at my waist again! I’ve also noticed a big improvement in my hair.My hair was getting very thin on top, but since starting Collagenate it is thicker and healthier .Even my beautician commented on how nice and thick my hair is now and asked me what I was doing. My fingernails are also longer and stronger .I’m very pleased with Collagenate!”* - Kathleen D., Pantego, TX
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Lost Weight in Waist & Stomach; Improvements in Knee and Skin!
"I've lost 12 pounds and several inches on Vim & Vigor's® Collagenate®. All the weight loss has been in my waist and stomach area, which is exactly where I needed to lose! I used to have trouble getting jeans to zip up, but now they are fitting fine in my waist. Fortunately, I have not had to go on a diet at all. I just take a tablespoon of Collagenate once a day, so it fits into my lifestyle easily. Also, since starting Collagenate, my knee is feeling better. This has allowed me to continues with my walking and exercise program without the pain that I was previously experiencing. I also noticed that since starting Collagenate, my skin is much nicer. It's smoother and more youthful looking, without using any special cream. I definitely notice a difference and nobody can guess my age. I was so skeptical, that I listened to the Collagenate ads on the radio for over 5 years before I finally decided to order. And then, within a few months, I lost several inches in my waist and experienced noticeable improvements in my knee and skin! I am very pleased with Collagenate and glad that I finally decided to give it a try!" * - Grace P, Niagara Falls, NY

Lost 32 pounds and knees are feeling much better!
"I've had a weight problem for years and have tried numerous diets. They may have worked initially, but then I always seemed to gain the weight back. Some of them were not good for my heart or my overall health. I'm thrilled to say that Vim & Vigor's® Collagenate® is truly different. It has NO stimulants. In fact I am on medication for high blood pressure, but I checked with my doctor and Collagenate® is just fine for me to take. I have lost 32 lbs on Collagenate® and have kept the weight off for almost a year now, even through holidays, weddings, vacations, and life traumas. What's also amazing is that since taking Collagenate® my joints, especially my knees, are feeling so much better. Collagenate has truly changed the quality of my life. I never want to be without it!"* - Linda M., Dallas, TX

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Lost 40 pounds and everyone is noticing!
"I've lost 40 pounds since starting Vim & Vigor's Collagenate® and everyone is commenting on how good I look! I can still eat; I don't have to follow a strict diet; it's easy to take and it works! I was previously borderline diabetic, but now my sugar levels are fine! My energy is better, my ankles and wrists feel better; I feel fantastic! My wife, who is a naturopathic doctor is very impressed with Collagenate® and is now recommending it to her patients."* - Joseph L, Ontario, Canada

Lost 12 pounds, even with a low thyroid!
"I have battled trying to lose weight for the last 4 years due to a thyroid condition. I am thrilled to say that since starting Vim & Vigor's Collagenate® I have lost 12 lbs! Collagenate® has been the only thing that has curbed my cravings for food and given me the extra energy I needed to start exercising again. Best of all, I now recover faster from a hard workout or sporting activity. I am 34 years old and after another 10 pounds I will be at the weight I was when I first met my wife ten years ago. She is happy with my results too. I have told many friends about Collagenate®; that it really, really works!"* - James T., Grosse Pointe Park, MI

Lost 25 pounds and No more pain in my Joints!
"I am getting such good results with Vim & Vigor's® Collagenate® that I can't decide with which it is helping me more, my joints or weight loss! I've lost 25 pounds since starting Collagenate® and it is helping my knees tremendously. I have tried every joint supplement that you can imagine and am happy to say that Vim & Vigor's Collagenate® is the first thing that really worked! The absence of pain in my joints is heaven!" * - Pat M.

"Lost 58 pounds; my joints and overall health are much better!"
"I've lost 58 pounds since starting Vim & Vigor's Collagenate® and my joints are feeling much better too! I have an artificial leg; this has caused me to favor one side of my body which made me very sore. However, since starting Collagenate® all of the soreness is gone! I previously struggled with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, but now I'm doing better in all these areas! Collagenate® is so easy to take and it fits into my lifestyle beautifully. I did not have to go on a rigid diet or cut out all the foods I like. I just make sure to take a tablespoon of Collagenate® on an empty stomach once a day. I'm over 70 years old and Collagenate® has improved my life tremendously. In addition to helping me lose weight, it has improved my activity level, my health and my overall well being." * - Luetha G, Garland, TX

My diabetes and blood pressure has improved and I feel great!
"Vim & Vigor® has changed my life! I am a diabetic with high blood pressure and have been taking Collagenate® for 4 months. I have lost 24 pounds and went from a size 42 to 38 in just 2 months. I feel lighter, have better energy and do not experience the shortness of breath that I used to. What is really amazing is that I did not gain any of the weight back through the holidays. I used to always yo-yo with my weight, but not with Collagenate! My weight keeps going down. My sugar levels and blood pressure have gone down and I feel great!"* - Jack I., CA

Less Belly Fat and Cellulite is Disappearing! Out of 'Diabetic Danger Zone'!
“I am really pleased with Vim & Vigor’s® Collagenate®! I listened to the advertisement for some time before I finally ordered. I was skeptical because I had taken other products that did not do what their ads said they would do. But I have to say that for me, Collagenate has done exactly (or even more than) what Karla, the “Vim” of Vim & Vigor said it would do. I got it to help me lose some belly fat, which has accumulated as I have gotten older. I was diagnosed the previous year as a Type II Diabetic, and as such the belly area really becomes a tough place to lose. Within the first few weeks with Collagenate, I noticed inches lost and firming in that belly area! But what really impressed me was the improvement in my sugar levels! It’s been less than two months and I am now out of the ‘diabetic danger zone’ and I do not have to prick myself six times a day anymore. I used to get profuse hot sweats several times a day when my blood sugar levels peaked, but I am not having those sweats anymore!

In addition to the inch loss and improvement in my blood sugar, there have been numerous other benefits. I am feeling much better, my energy is better. My muscles are much firmer and toned, even though I have not had much time to work out, and my cellulite is disappearing! My clothes are fitting much looser, especially in my mid-section. My joints, especially my knees, feel much better. I am not experiencing the pain that I used to and my knees are much more flexible. When I initially heard the Collagenate testimonies on the radio I thought that they were paid actors. However, I am now convinced that they are all testimonies from actual customers and that Collagenate really does work. Collagenate is a fantastic product; one of the best I have ever used.” * - Saundra C., Plano, TX

Fought LYME Disease for years; knew she needed an absorbable collagen supplement... Improved Vision and Mobility; Less inflammation, Less Pain!

“I have been fighting Lyme disease for years. I was in horrible pain and my vision was diminishing greatly. I knew that Lyme was depleting the collagen in my body, so I started Collagenate, because it is a very absorbable form of collagen. I am amazed at the improvements that I have experienced since starting Collagenate. My vision has improved tremendously. My eyes are not burning anymore and I’m not experiencing the black dots blocking my vision anymore. The Ophthalmologist was amazed after re-testing my eyes. He had told me a year previously that they would not be able to improve. Now all he could say was, ‘this is hard to understand. Your condition has improved!’

My joints and hearing have also improved. The inflammation in my body has gone down tremendously. My feet used to swell and burn, but since Collagenate, my feet are not swelling or burning anymore. At the end of the day my feet are actually loose in my shoes! Collagenate has also really helped my nails and other joint issues. It used to take me 10 painful minutes to get up the stairs in my home and it would totally exhaust me. Now I am able to easily walk up and down the stairs and I’m back to race-walking. I’m moving well, my muscles are functioning well, and I still have energy at the end of the day! I consume many other supplements to combat Lyme; however, it was once I started Collagenate that I experienced these additional health improvements!" * - Kathleen S, Spokane Valley, WA

Less Fibromyalgia pain!
"I have been taking Vim & Vigor's® Collagenate® for 3 months now and it is doing wonders for my Fibromyalgia (an arthritis of the muscle). My pain has decreased tremendously and I can now do the things that I used to take for granted. I can clean the house, cook, go up and down the stairs; it's wonderful! I feel like my young self again! I have also lost a lot of inches and my clothes are fitting much better. I love Collagenate® and am so glad that I responded to the ad that I heard on the radio!" * - Bev E.

Coping Better with Fibromyalgia & Lupus!
"Vim & Vigor's® Collagenate® has really turned my life around. When I started Collagenate®, I was suffering from Fibromyalgia and SLE Lupus and was experiencing a lot of pain. Amazingly, within a few weeks on Collagenate® I noticed considerable improvement. The pain from the Fibromyalgia as well as the achiness from the Lupus was greatly decreased! I am also going through the "change in life" and Collagenate® has really helped in taking the bloat away and the excess bulginess in my waist. I am not very overweight; however, as I have gotten older my waist has been accumulating an extra bulge. I am pleased that Collagenate® has especially helped with the inch loss in my waist! Thank you Vim & Vigor!" * - Karen B.

Suffered for years with Fibromyalgia pain, Finally Found Something That WORKS!
"I suffered for years with Fibromyalgia and various joint pains. My husband had very high blood pressure and we both had high cholesterol. This special collagen supplement from Vim & Vigor has improved our lives tremendously. I don't ache like I used to, my cholesterol has gone down, and I have much more energy. I have lost 15 pounds on the scale, but what has been more amazing is the amount of size I have lost especially in my arms, back and stomach. My clothes are hanging on me! My husband has lost over 10 pounds and both his blood pressure and cholesterol have gone way down. We have tried so many various supplements over the years, we're glad we finally found one that works!"* - Elizabeth B., San Gabriel, CA

Shed Unwanted Fat and Got Very Lean!

“Along with proper diet and exercise, Vim & Vigor’s Collagenate® has played a crucial part in my health and vitality.I am a figure competitor and my training regimen is very taxing.Collagenate has helped my recovery after workouts; it is especially good for my joints, tendons and overall ‘well-being.’It has allowed me to shed unwanted fat and get very lean.Collagenate helps me to have a deeper more restful sleep and then more natural energy throughout the day and during my workouts.I thank Vim & Vigor® for having such a high quality product as Collagenate!” *- Desiree M., Murrieta, CA

Personal Trainer Sold on benefits of Collagenate®!
"I've been a personal trainer & fitness pro for over 20 years. I’ve never endorsed or recommended anything in the past, but I am totally sold on the benefits of Vim & Vigor’s Collagenate®. It’s all natural.It has improvedmy hair, my skin, my sleep and my ability to lose weight.My energy level is back like it was when I was 20 and my recovery time has improved! I feel great and have been told I look great, too! At 40, I had started to have digestive problems and now they're gone. I am totally sold on Collagenate and am now recommending it!"* - Judith D.

Fitness Instructor Gets Leaner Body and Stronger Knees!
"I have been a fitness instructor for over 30 years and know the importance of good nutrition and supplementation. For many years I was frustrated with the weight loss industry for putting out so many unhealthy weight loss products. I am so pleased that we can honestly recommend Collagenate® as a safe and healthy product that promotes a true fat loss with no stimulants or hormones. I used to have to diet and workout excessively to keep my body lean. Now I just take a TBSP of Collagenate® once a day. My waist is smaller, my muscles more defined, and I've maintained a leanness now for over 20 years that I was never able to maintain before. This product has also helped my knees tremendously. Years of athletics had taken its toll on my knees; however, as long as I take Collagenate® at least 3 times a week, my knees don't hurt and I don't need to ice them after workouts."* Karla Jarrett, B.S., Fitness Pro. ("Vim" of Vim & Vigor®)

Tried Two Other 'Collagen' Supplements that did not work; Collagenate® DOES!
"At 55 years of age I was very discouraged. I had arthritis in my knee that was so painful that on some days I could not even walk. I also needed to lose weight, but was frustrated because I had tried so many diets and diet products and nothing worked on me. I heard about Vim & Vigor's Collagenate®, but was very skeptical because I had tried two other 'collagen' supplements from other fine nutritional companies with good products; however, their collagen supplements did nothing for me. Collagenate® is proof to me that reading an ingredient label cannot really tell you what your body is getting. Vim & Vigor's special Collagenate® formula is truly different; it really works! I have lost 13 lbs in just 6 weeks; I have lost several inches and am much more toned. Collagenate® is so easy to take that it is absolutely amazing that it works so well and does so many things. My knee is feeling so much better that I hardly think about it. When I went to my doctor for my regular check up, the nurse wanted to know what I was doing because my blood pressure was 110/60 (from 140/90). Thanks to Vim & Vigor® my life has definitely turned around!"* - Sue D., Auburn Hills, MI

Less Wrinkles with Collagenate, due to more Collagen in the Skin!

Collagenate® has so many numerous benefits for me. It helps me to successfully maintain my weight. I also find that I sleep better and deeper when I take Collagenate and I feel better throughout the day. But the most amazing thing to me is the anti-aging benefits, especially for my skin. My facialist uses a laser machine on my face. With this particular machine the higher the setting indicates more collagen in the skin.After a few months on Collagenate, I went back for another facial and my skin had improved four settings, which indicated more collagen in my skin! My facialist asked, 'What are you doing to build the collagen in your skin?' Taking Collagenate was the only thing I was doing different!Increased collagen in your skin is the secret to anti-aging and healthier, younger looking skin, so I am obviously a huge fan of Collagenate!” * - Kay J., Dallas, TX

Skin is Vibrant, Hair is Shiny & Healthy Looking, Nails are Growing, Better Energy...!

“I love Collagenate®!I have lost 9 lbs and several inches. My skin is vibrant; my hair is shiny and healthy looking. My nails used to break, but now they are long and beautiful. My energy level is so much better; I just keep on going throughout the day. The results are so noticeable that everyone wants to know what I am doing! My knees are feeling much better.My blood pressure and cholesterol have stabilized. My doctor is so impressed, he told me to keep doing what I’m doing and keep taking Collagenate. I definitely will! I now take Collagenate about every other day for the healthy glow in my skin and hair, and all the other benefits. I hope they never stop making it!” * - Felicia C., Buffalo, NY

Varicose Veins Diminishing! Tried another collagen supplement first that did absolutely nothing; Collagenate is Superior!
“My husband and I are doing marvelously well on Vim & Vigor’s Collagenate®. My skin has more of a glow to it; it’s tighter especially under my arms and neck. My husband is 83 years old and has gotten very good improvements in his varicose veins. For at least 40 years he had clusters of bluish-red veins around his ankles and up his legs. Within two weeks of starting Collagenate, his veins were looking much better and diminishing . He is of Danish heritage and even though he was not overweight he had a triple neck. Since Collagenate his skin has tightened up and he has lost two of those necks! t’s just amazing! Earlier in the year I had tried another collagen supplement which did absolutely nothing for me. Collagenate is definitely different; we started noticing improvements within a couple weeks . I’m glad we heard about Collagenate on the radio. It is definitely worth trying!” - Kellie L, Rockwall, TX

Hot Flashes gone; Sleeping through the night!
"Vim & Vigor's Collagenate® has helped me in many different ways. When I started Collagenate® I had been suffering for over a year with hot flashes, at least 12 per day, and hourly night sweats. Amazingly, my daily hot flashes are gone and I am now sleeping straight through the night! In addition to having arthritis in my hands, my collar bone, which I broke years ago, was continuously bothering me. However, after 1 month on Collagenate®, the pain is gone! My collarbone doesn't hurt and my finger stopped throbbing. I have also lost 6 pounds, but what is even more noticeable is the amount of inches I've lost and how much better my clothes fit. My co-workers have noticed how much better I look and feel and my husband does not need to call me regularly to see if I am feeling OK."* - Karen D., Westland, MI

Lost 43 pounds and Blood Pressure Improved!
"I'm Sean Herriott from WMUZ radio in Detroit, and I'm living proof that Vim & Vigor's Collagenate® really does work! Collagenate® is the only product that I have been taking for weight loss; I've lost 43 pounds and am down 3 shirt sizes and 3 pant sizes. I've tried so many other weight loss products in the past; some of them may have worked initially, but I could not stay on them. Collagenate® is different. It is easy to take, it's all natural, and it has no ephedra, no stimulants, and no hormones. I feel great, I have better energy and I can now chase my 2 year old around the house. My doctor is also very pleased. Before Collagenate®, I had high blood pressure and was possibly going to have to start medication. But now, after several months on Vim & Vigor's Collagenate®, my blood pressure is down to 117/73, which is right in the healthy range! I have also noticed a remarkable improvement in my joints. I must have been getting a form of arthritis in my hands; they would hurt and get swollen, especially in the cold winter months. However, this last winter on Collagenate®, my hands felt much better! My quality of life is definitely much better with Vim & Vigor's Collagenate®. I highly recommend that you see what Collagenate® can do for you!"* - Sean H

Lost 26 lbs, have Smoother Skin, and
Still Riding my Horse at 81 years old!
"Collagenate® helps my joints, my skin, my fingernails, and it also keeps my weight down. I have had numerous surgeries over the years for my knees, shoulder, spine, neck, etc. Since taking Collagenate, my joints feel much better. I'm 81 years old and can still ride my horse and work on my farm, thanks to Collagenate! It also makes my skin smooth. I look young and people are amazed when I tell them how old I am. It has also helped me to lose weight. I've lost 26 pounds since starting Collagenate. I continue taking Collagenate for all the anti-aging benefits!" - Robert M., Dallas, TX

Migraine Headaches Gone!
"I broke a disk in my neck in an auto accident and my doctor said I would have migraine headaches for the rest of my life. He was right for seven years, until I found Collagenate®! Collagenate® has given me a new lease on life. My migraines gone, I have lost 20 pounds in two months, and have gone from a size 16 down to a size 12. I recommend Collagenate® to all of my friends. Thank you Vim & Vigor®!"* - Dorothy J., Detroit, MI.

Lost 100 lbs and have kept it off for over a year!
"I heard Vim & Vigor® on the radio for over a year and I needed to lose weight, but was too skeptical to call. Finally I called because my shoulder was really hurting and I heard how the collagen could help the joints. I knew it had no stimulants and could not hurt me so I figured I should give it a try. Thanks to Vim & Vigor I am now a NEW person. I've lost 100lbs and have kept it off for over a year! My blood pressure, which was 250 over 160, tested today as 140 over 72 with no blood pressure medication! As for my shoulder, it felt better within 3 weeks and hasn't hurt since! I recommend Collagenate® to everyone!"* - Roslyn J., Riverside, CA

Lower Cholesterol and Better Knees!
"In less than three months after starting Collagenate® my cholesterol went from 206 to 133, my body fat dropped 10%, and I lost 19 pounds (205 - 186 lbs.). Collagenate has also helped my joints tremendously. My knees had gotten so bad that the doctor recommended that I have operations on them, but with Collagenate they are feeling much better. I can now run down a mountain with no soreness! Vim & Vigor's® Collagenate® has really been the answer for me!"* - Bill M., Everett, WA

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