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Herbal Breast Cream

A safe and healthy way to nutritionally:


How Definition Breast Cream (formerly sold by Essentially Yours) works:

Definition Breast cream is a unique and natural breast toning cream. The female breast was created to feed and nurture our children. This breast lift cream was formulated to feed and nurture the female breast. This natural herbal formula gives the body back what time and function have robbed. It works with the body's natural regenerative capability to restore the shape and tone of youth. The natural herbs and active components in this best online breast cream are also capable of improving skin texture and softness.

For those who just never developed much, this breast lift cream contains a proprietary blend of herbs traditionally known for their ability to to balance the body's hormones to promote fuller, firmer and more toned breasts. This breast firming cream is the first step to a fuller, more beautiful bust line without the risk of breast implant surgery. An overwhelming majority of the women studied reported phenomenal results - a wonderfully toned, firmer, more youthful shape. Many women see a noticeable improvement within three to four weeks of use. Try this natural breast enhancement cream today.

Active Ingredients:

ALFALFA EXTRACT: Active Firming ingredient. Helps to firm and tone the skin and fight against signs of skin aging.

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: Active Redensifying ingredient. Prevents skin dryness by regulating water loss and helps to strengthen cellular cohesion.

SAGE ESSENTIAL OIL: Active Tightening Ingredient. Possesses powerful antioxidant, softening and astringent properties.

FENUGREEK: Active Softening ingredient. Renowned for its skin soothing and softening properties.

EMU OIL: Enables Deep Penetration. Emu oil is rich in Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6, 9); it absorbs deeply and quickly into the skin down to a level that starts new cell growth. Emu oil keeps the skin moisturized and improves the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks.

Simple to Use: Massage the cream into the breasts once a day.

30 ml (1 fl oz): 3 - 4 week supply

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The Shape of Satisfaction: Women speak for themselves on how Definition Breast Cream worked for them:

"All my life I've been trying products that would help enhance my "feminine features" in a safe, noninvasive way. The results always have been the same - a lot of money lost and no results gained. Then I found this breast enhancing formula. After just seven weeks of use, I have seen an increase of one and a quarter inches and significant firming and toning of the overall breast tissue. I suddenly feel more feminine and attractive." --- Gen, Age 44

"While in my forties, I delivered my one and only child. After nursing him for three years, my chest, which was my best feature, was visibly older looking. Then came this - I went from concave to convex in less than a month. This system is a wonderful blessing to any woman who wishes to look much younger." --- Rena, Age 46

"I've always been very uncomfortable with my small breasts. I've tried everything short of plastic surgery to increase their size: exercise, pills, you name it - with no success. Since starting to use the drops, my breast size has grown more than an inch. When I began using the cream as well, I added another half inch. The results I've gotten with this special formulation are nothing short of miraculous." --- Rebecca, Age 20

"When I was first introduced to this, I thought, 'Nothing is going to help sagging breasts,' but after two weeks of using the drops and the cream, my husband saw some amazing results - my breasts were getting firmer. Can you believe it? After two years of hopelessness, I have finally found an answer. You have made this mother of two boys a happy lady." --- Tina, Age 23

"I'm passionate about sports. I am a weightlifter, do Tae Bo Aerobics and will get my black belt in Tae Kwon Do in the next few months. The monthly tenderness in my breasts caused great discomfort and despite the exercise, my breasts were never toned and firm. Now after using this, I can see real fullness and a rounder shape. I especially notice the improvement when I put on my bathing suit for the first time this spring." --- Paula, Age 45

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